OBRAZOVANJE - The Theory and Practice of Online Learning Ispis
Autor Milan Taradi   
The Theory and Practice of Online Learning, second edition, edited by Terry Anderson, May 2008, Paperback, 978-1-897425-08-4 (SC) (.pdf; 3 MB)
     This second edition of the Theory and Practice of Online Learning is an updated version of the highly successful 2004 first edition. Each of the chapters has been revised to reflect current theory and practice, and four new chapters have been added.
     The revised version brings together recent developments in both the practice and our understanding of online learning. Five years have since passed between this new edition and the first version. Five years is certainly a long time in this business as this second edition illustrates. The improvement in versatility and sophistication of the technologies that have been coming into common use has been so significant that a revisit of our knowledge of learning technologies and their application was becoming increasingly necessary. Anderson and the other authors of this text have responded to the need and have done the higher education community a great service by bringing it out in the electronic open access format under a Creative Commons License.
     As with the first edition, this is a collection of works by practitioners and scholars actively working in the field of distance education. The text has been written at a time when the field is undergoing fundamental change. Although not an old discipline by academic standards, distance education practice and theory has evolved through five generations in its 150 years of existence.
     Those of us from the other world are beneficiaries of this generosity and intellectual benevolence.