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ONLINE TEXTBOOK: Ethics, Philip Pecorino, City University of New York; Queensborough Community College
Online Textbook for use with a class on Ethics. The study of the basic principles of the good that serve as the base for any moral system or set of ideas or rules is called Ethics.
People will experience the death of others and they will wonder whether or not there is anything more to our existence than life in the physical body.  Questions will arise as to whether or not there are actually souls or spirits.

Do they survive the death of the body?   Are they real?  These questions get into Metaphysics, a branch of Philosophy!   Are stories about ghosts and spirits of the dead true?  What is truth anyway?  These questions get into Epistemology, a branch of Philosophy!  Is there a god, many gods?  What is God like?  What is religion all about?  Are the stories true?  As important or perhaps even more important are  questions concerning what is the morally correct thing to do.  These moral issues are part of the subject matter for Ethics.


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