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1   Link   Medical Animation Library
Choose a topic below to view a medical animation. This content is "bandwidth intensive." The latest versions of the following browser plug-ins must be installed: Shockwave and Quicktime.
2   Link   The Merck Manuals
Here is a link to all 6 of the renowned Merck Manuals. Merck is committed to providing excellent medical information on a not-for-profit basis as a service to the community.
3   Link   eMedicine
eMedicine is the most authoritative and accessible point of care medical reference available to physicians and other health care professionals on the Internet.
4   Link   Med-Source
Med-Source provides you with the resources you need to save time, and get some sleep during med school.
5   Link   Clinical Skills Online
The Clinical Skills Online (CSO) is a project aimed at providing online videos demonstrating core clinical skills common to a wide range of medical and health-based courses.
6   Link   GPnotebook
GPnotebook is an online encyclopaedia of medicine that provides a trusted immediate reference resource for clinicians in the UK and internationally.
7   Link   An Atlas of Diseases of the Kidney
This site contains an extensive series of pages detailing all aspects of kidney disease. The site contains high resolution imagry of kidney tissue illustrative of the diseases discussed.
8   Link   Emergency Medicine - eMedicine
This online textbook from eMedicine, provides information on a wide range of emergency medicine topics.
9   Link   Agencija za lijekove i medicinske proizvode
Ovdje možete pronaći podatke o lijekovima za koje su dana Odobrenja za stavljanje gotovog lijeka u promet u Republici Hrvatskoj.
10   Link   Electronic medicines compendium
Provides current comprehensive information on prescription and over-the-counter medicines available in the UK.
11   Link   Transfusion Medicine and Hemostasis
Clinical and Laboratory Aspects; Edited By Christopher D. Hillyer, Beth H. Shaz, James C. Zimring & Thomas C. Abshire
This new handbook in transfusion medicine and hemostasis aims to combine clinical and laboratory information from two fields which have high degrees of overlap into one concise, easy-to-use pocket book.
12   Link   Asthma and COPD
Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Management; Edited By Peter J. Barnes, Jeffrey M. Drazen, Stephen I. Rennard & Neil C. Thomson
Comprehensive review of the most recent understanding of the basic mechanisms of both conditions, specifically comparing their etiology, pathogenesis, and treatments.
13   Link   Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine
A comprehensive physical examination and clinical education site for medical students and other health care professionals. (University of California)
14   Link   Clinical Informatics Wiki
The Clinical Informatics Wiki is the implementation of a wiki website devoted to topics in clinical informatics.
15   Link   Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
This article discusses the history, evolution, indications, complications, and contraindications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Treating a patient under high atmospheric pressures was in vogue even before Oxygen was discovered. This article traces meticulously the evolution of the concept of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
16   Link   Free Medical Books
This section contains many topics on medicine and each subtopic contains many free medical books and resources and these are highly beneficial for doctors and students.
17   Link   Health Topics A-Z
A listing with links to explanations of disease and health topics found on the Center for Disease Control Web site. The links are to a Fact Sheet and to a professional information site, which has links to an image library, diagnostic procedures and diagnostic assistance.
18   Link   Virtual Medical Centre
Australia’s leading source for trustworthy medical information written by health professionals.
19   Link   EBM - evidence-based medicine
The interactive introduction to evidence-based medicine (EBM Tutorial)
20   Link   Acid-Base/Electrolytes
Acid-Base/Electrolytes is on online handbook. It includes the following: 1) an algorithm for acid-base disorders; 2) renal tubular acidosis; 3) hyponatremia; 4) hypokalemia; 5) hyperkalemia; 6) hypomagnesemia; 7) hypermagnesemia; 8) hypocalcemia; 9) hypercalemia; 10) hypophosphatemia; and 11) hyperphosphatemia.
21   Link   Auscultation Training By Repetition
Memorize Heart Murmurs and Lung Sounds
22   Link   Practical Clinical Skills
Practical Clinical Skills provides free training and reference guides. Our simulation-based lessons cover heart sounds, murmurs, lung sounds, carotid bruit, blood pressure measurement and EKG training. The quick reference guides are a timely information source at the point of care.