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1   Link   Electron Microscopy
A set of electron micrographs demonstrates normal, benign, and malignant pathologic findings as seen by use of electron microscopy [file sizes average 100 to 160k].
2   Link   Virtual Microscopy
Helping the student recognize the microscopic structural features of the cells, tissues, and organs of the body.
Aiding the understanding of the correlation of these microscopic features with their functional significance in cells, tissues, and organs.
3   Link   Vježbe iz histologije, Želimir Bradamante, Antun Švajger
Iz MefModlice prenesite datoteke pdf na Vaše računalo ili "listajte" e-knjigu online.
4   Link   ATLAS - Histology Atlas
This tissue module is designed to acquaint you with the basic characteristics of tissues. The design enables the "first-timer" to take a systematic approach by stepping through tissue categories and topics to learn key characteristics of each tissue type. (Donald L. Rubbelke D.A., Biology Department. Lakeland Community College)
5   Link   ATLAS - Virtual Histology (LUMEN)
ATLAS - Virtual Histology
6   Link   Microanatomy Web Atlas
This resource is a collection of histology images that are intended to help medical and graduate students learn microanatomy.
7   Link   Histology Guide
This website from the University of Leeds is part of a larger Histology Guide. It includes tutorials about each of the four tissue types, complete with illustrations and histology slides.