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1   Link   POSLUŽITELJ - benchmarking - Ping Brigade
Ping Brigade is a service that lets you measure how quickly your website loads from around the world. The time it takes to load your web pages has a huge impact on how your visitors perceive you.
2   Link   POSLUŽITELJ - IP Information - DNSstuff.com
IP Information - Shows info about an IP, including city and country; WHOIS LOOKUP - Lists contact info for domain/ip; TRACEROUTE - Traces the route packets take to this host
3   Link   SNIMANJE EKRANA - ScreenToaster
Capture videos of onscreen action in one click. Record screencasts, tutorials, demos, training, lectures and more. No download. Register & use it free anywhere- anytime, Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.
4   Link   Website Design Tutorials, Articles & Resources
Whether it is tutorials or articles, web site ideas or tips, we aim to bring you only the best. Our free web design tutorials and other resources are of high quality and deal with current web development trends.