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... Environmental Factors Microbial Nutrition Energetics & Redox Reactions Chemoorganotrophy Chemolithotrophy...    Linda Bruslind, Oregon State University,; Pub Date: 2017;  Publisher: ...
Petak, 25 Kolovoz 2017
... Bioenergetics, Ch. 4 - Membranes, Ch. 5 - Metabolism I - Catabolic Reactions, Ch. 6 - Metabolism II - Anabolic Reactions PART 2. (15 MB)- Ch. 7 - DNA, Ch. 8 - Transciption, Ch. 9 - Gene Regulation, Ch. ...
Ponedjeljak, 21 Veljača 2011
3. FIZIOLOGIJA - Human Physiology
... System, Pregnancy and Birth, Genetics and Inheritance, Development: Birth through Death. ...
Četvrtak, 05 Kolovoz 2010
4. FILOZOFIJA - Ethics
ONLINE TEXTBOOK: Ethics, Philip Pecorino, City University of New York; Queensborough Community College Online Textbook for use with a class on Ethics. The study of the basic principles of the good that ...
Utorak, 29 Lipanj 2010
5. Online časopisi
... Archives of Public Health American Journal of Human Genetics - besplatni članci stariji od 6 mjeseci. B Biochemical Journal BMC Medical Education   Biophysical Journal-- ...
Petak, 30 Svibanj 2008
6. Cardiac Arrhythmias
(Web Linkovi / Kardiologija)
... genetics, clinical aspects, ECG manifestations, and practical approaches to complex cardiac arrhythmia management - office, hospital, intensive care unit, electrophysiology laboratory, and operating room. ...
Četvrtak, 05 Srpanj 2018
7. OPĆA - Biology; Alyvea
(Web Linkovi / Biologija)
An excellent Online Biology study guide covering genetics, anatomy, amino acid structure, and MCAT 2015.  ...
Ponedjeljak, 30 Studeni 2015
8. MEDICINA - The Virtual Genetics Lab
(Web Linkovi / Software)
The Virtual Genetics Lab (VGL) is a simulation of transmission genetics that approximates, as closely as possible, the hypothesis-testing environment of genetics research. ...
Četvrtak, 25 Listopad 2012
9. Genetics Home Reference
(Web Linkovi / Biologija)
Genetics Home Reference provides consumer-friendly information about the effects of genetic variations on human health.(U.S. National Library of Medicine) ...
Srijeda, 25 Srpanj 2012
... the chemical basis of life, biomolecules, cell structure, metabolism and biosynthesis, classical and molecular genetics, and development. The cinelectures include various multimedia presentation methods, ...
Petak, 25 Svibanj 2012
11. Bio Links
(Web Linkovi / Zbirka tuđih linkova)
... Genetics; History Of Biology; Immunology; Marine Biology; Medicine/Disease; Microbiology; Neurobiology; Parasites; Plants/Botany/Algae/Fungi; Virology/Virus; Zoology/Animals ...
Ponedjeljak, 06 Veljača 2012
12. OPĆA - Rediscovering Biology
(Web Linkovi / Biologija)
Covers Genomics, Proteins and Proteomics, Evolution and Phylogenetics, Microbial Diversity, Emerging Infectious Diseases, HIV and AIDS, Genetics of Development, Cell Biology and Cancer, Human Evolution, ...
Petak, 18 Studeni 2011
This is a great collection of videos pertaining to topics such as cellular biology, immunology, molecular biology, and genetics. ...
Nedjelja, 05 Lipanj 2011
... Equilibria, Solutions (conductivity, colligative properties), Acid-Base Equilibria, Stoichiometry, Measurement, Kinetics, Organic Chemistry, periodic trends and chemical bonding, ...
Petak, 18 Veljača 2011
15. DNA - Dolan DNA Learning Center
(Web Linkovi / Biologija)
The Dolan DNA Learning Center (DNALC) is the world's first science center devoted entirely to genetics education. We now maintain 18 sites with content and tools to enhance science education for a broad ...
Četvrtak, 02 Prosinac 2010
16. Lexiology English Dictionary
(Web Linkovi / Rječnici)
... meanings/definitions, phonetics, audio, antonyms, synonyms and usages of dictionary words. Searched words can be added to personal vocabulary list of users which can be played as flash cards, thus improving ...
Petak, 15 Siječanj 2010
17. Anatomy & Physiology II Animations
(Web Linkovi / Fiziologija)
... Embryology; Genetics ...
Petak, 23 Listopad 2009