Planiranje rute puta od Zagreba PDF Ispis E-mail
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Petak, 09 Travanj 2010 23:28
Jedna točka puta je definirana i to je lokacija Fakulteta. Ispod mape navedite drugu (polaznu ili završnu) točku.
Desno je neovisni alat za planiranje puta od Zagreba do navedene destinacije u mapi koju održava Yahoo.

Polazna (ili završna) točka::

Upišite drugu točku [ulica (neobvezno), Grad, Država (neobvezno)] i planiranje najbolje rute prepustite računalu.

MEF mape - pogledajte razne vrste zemljopisnih karata  -->

Google maps - zgodan link za planiranje rute puta  -->

TIPOMATIC - zgodan link za planiranje puta  -->
Planning a trip nowadays is a cinch. What? Don't believe it? Well, just set your browser to this site and see all that it lets you get done in just a little while. Tripomatic is a new trip planning resource that will let you put together personalized holidays and create well-arranged itineraries in just a couple of clicks.

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DNA is information, not intellectual property PDF Ispis E-mail
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Intellectual property considerations in biology are one of the more worrying trends currently being negotiated in business and in the legal system. A court recently ruled that DNA is information, not intellectual property. Whether this holds as it moves through the court system in the US is unclear. But the impact of life patents (literally) is already being felt: “There are about 40,000 patents that currently protect some 20 percent of the human genome”. For more information on the impact of patents on breast cancer treatment, have a look at this article.
Prenijeto s Elearnspace.

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