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OFFICE - MS Excel PDF Ispis E-mail
Autor Milan Taradi   

Microsoft Office Excel 

This is a free, online textbook that is a guide to using Excel.
Chapter topics range from "What is New in Excel 2007" to Advanced Excel.

Excel 2010 (Part I - Formulas, Functions and Formatting) is a powerful spreadsheet application that allows users to produce tables containing calculations and graphs. These can range from simple formulas through to complex functions and mathematical models.

RAČUNALA - Building Communities and Networks for Professional Development PDF Ispis E-mail
Autor admin Taradi   
Reach: Building Communities and Networks for Professional Development, By Jeff Utecht, 2010., (102 pages)
Building learning communities and networks online means reaching beyond the walls of your classroom, the walls of your school, and even the walls of your own state, country, or continent to create connections. Once you reach out and make connections with other educators, professional learning like you have never experienced before starts to flow your way. You will soon find yourself in a state of continual learning. Taking advantage of the constant stream of information available today on the web at any given moment and using it for your own professional growth is what it means to learn in today's digital world. It is the ability to connect to the information and people you want to learn from. It is literally having the resource that is the Internet at your fingertips when you need it.

STATISTIKA - Collaborative Statistics PDF Ispis E-mail
Autor Milan Taradi   
Collaborative Statistics     Collaborative Statistic; By: Barbara Illowsky and Susan Dean; 2011. Number of Pages: 710
     Collaborative Statistic was written by Barbara Illowsky and Susan Dean, faculty members at De Anza College in Cupertino, California. The textbook was developed over several years and has been used in regular and honors-level classroom settings and in distance learning classes. This textbook is intended for introductory statistics courses being taken by students at two– and four–year colleges who are majoring in fields other than math or engineering. Intermediate algebra is the only prerequisite. The book focuses on applications of statistical knowledge rather than the theory behind it.
The focus is on:
* thinking statistically
* incorporating technology
* working collaboratively
* writing thoughtfully
OFFICE - MS PowerPoint 2010 PDF Ispis E-mail
Autor Milan Taradi   

powerpoint     PowerPoint 2010

    This ebook will teach you how to use several interesting and exciting features from PowerPoint 2010. For example how to change the slide layout, insert objects and format slides in your PowerPoint presentation. Another interesting feature is animation. Read this ebook and learn how to apply entry (transition) effects to slides, how to use custom animation and how to use animation schemes.

RAČUNALA - Secure Your Personal Computer PDF Ispis E-mail
Autor admin Taradi   
Secure Your Personal ComputerSecure Your Personal Computer, Ian Del Carmen (26 pages)
“Your Info Guide to Beefing Up Your Personal Computer’s Safety From Malicious Threats!”


Today, more and more people are using their computers for everything from communication to online banking and investing to shopping. As we do these things on a more regular basis, we open ourselves up to potential hackers, attackers and crackers. While some may be looking to phish your personal information and identity for resale, others simply just want to use your computer as a platform from which to attack other unknowing targets.
Below are a few easy, cost-effective steps you can take to make your computer more secure to begin with:...

STATISTIKA - Essentials of Statistics PDF Ispis E-mail
Autor admin Taradi   
Essentials of Statistics, Author David Brink, 2 edition, (103 pages), ISBN 978-87-7681-408-3

Many students find that the obligatory Statistics course comes as a shock. The set textbook is difficult, the curriculum is vast, and secondary-school maths feels infinitely far away. "Statistics" offers friendly instruction on the core areas of these subjects. The focus is overview. And the numerous examples give the reader a "recipe" for solving all the common types of exercise. You can download this book free of charge.
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