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MEDICINA - Pediatric Endocrinology PDF Ispis E-mail
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Pediatric Endocrinology ,  Various Authors
Date Modified: lipanj, 2010.
This is a free, online textbook offered by Endotext.  Each chapter is written by a different author and each contains illustrations as well as references.  Each of the chapters can also be downloaded as a pdf or Word document.
Growth and Growth Disorders, Gigantism, Normal Physiology of Growth Hormone and Insulin-like Growth Factor in Childhood, Disorders of Growth Hormone in Childhood, Growth Failure Associated with Skeletal Disorders, Pituitary Tumors in Childhood, Thyroid Disorders: Thyroid Disorders in the Neonate, Genetic Defects in TSH-R, Disorders of Thyroid Hormone Formation, Thyroid Hormone Resistance, Diabetes Mellitus: Etiology and Pathogenesis, Management of Type-1 and Type-2 Diabetes in Children, Autoimmune Endocrine Disorders, Sexual Differentiation, 21-Hydroxylase Deficiency: Classical & Nonclassical Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Adrenal Disorders, Endocrine Hypertension of Childhood, Ambiguous Genitalia in the Newborn, 46,XY Disorders of Sexual Development, Normal and Abnormal Puberty

OBRAZOVANJE - Blown to Bits PDF Ispis E-mail
Autor Milan Taradi   
Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness After the Digital Explosion; Hal Abelson, Ken Ledeen, Harry Lewis, 2008. (ISBN 0-13-713559-9)
     "Wherever you go‚ whatever you say, write, photograph, or buy‚ whatever prescriptions you take, or ATM withdrawals you make you are generating information. That information can be captured, digitized, retrieved, and copied ‚ anywhere on Earth, instantly. Sophisticated computers can increasingly uncover meaning in those digital traces‚ understanding, anticipating, and influencingyou as never before. Is this utopia? Or the dawning of a 1984/Brave New World horror world? Whatever you call it, it’s happening. What kind of world are we creating? What will it be like to live there?
     Blown to Bits offers powerful and controversial answers to these questions‚ and give you the knowledge you need to help shape your own digital future, not let others do it for you. Building on their pioneering joint MIT/Harvard course, the authors reveal how the digital revolution is changing everything, in ways that are stunning even the most informed experts. You’ll discover ten paradoxical truths about digital data, and learn how those truths are overturning centuries-old assumptions about privacy, identity, and personal control."
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OBRAZOVANJE - Knowing Knowledge PDF Ispis E-mail
Autor Milan Taradi   
     Knowing Knowledge George Siemens; Paperback: 176 pages; Publisher: Lulu.com  2006.
     Learning and knowledge are cornerstones for society and organizations. Knowing Knowledge is an exploration of the change impacting both learning and knowledge, and recommends changes required in order to align corporations and educational institutions with developing trends.
     Why does so much of our society look as i t did i n the past? Our schools, our government, our religious organizations, our media—while more complex, have maintained their general structure and shape. Classroom structure today, with the exception of a computer or an LCD projector, looks remarkably unchanged—teacher at the front, students i n rows. Our business processes are still built on theories and viewpoints that existed over a century ago (with periodic amendments from thinkers like Drucker2). In essence, we have transferred (not transformed) our physical identity to online spaces and structures.
     This book seeks to tackle knowledge—not to provide a definition—but to provide a way of seeing trends developing i n the world today. Due to the changed context and characteristics of knowledge, traditional definitions are no longer adequate. Language produces different meaning for different
people. The meaning generated by a single definition i s not sufficiently reflective of knowledge as a whole.
OBRAZOVANJE - Accessible Elements: Teaching Science Online and at a Distance PDF Ispis E-mail
Autor Milan Taradi   
Accessible Elements: Teaching Science Online and at a Distance, edited by Dietmar Kennepohl and Lawton Shaw, January 2010, 978-1-897425-48-0 (ebook)
     Accessible Elements informs science educators about current practices in online and distance education: distance-delivered methods for laboratory coursework, the requisite administrative and institutional aspects of online and distance teaching, and the relevant educational theory.
     Delivery of university-level courses through online and distance education is a method of providing equal access to students seeking post-secondary education. Distance delivery offers practical alternatives to traditional on-campus education for students limited by barriers such as classroom scheduling, physical location, finances, or job and family commitments. The growing recognition and acceptance of distance education, coupled with the rapidly increasing demand for accessibility and flexible delivery of courses, has made distance education a viable and popular option for many people to meet their science educational goals.
     Copyright: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. It may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, provided that the original author is credited.
OBRAZOVANJE - Emerging Technologies in Distance Education PDF Ispis E-mail
Autor Milan Taradi   
Emerging Technologies in Distance Education, edited by George Veletsianos, July 2010, 978-1-897425-77-0 (ebook9
   A one-stop knowledge resource, Emerging Technologies in Distance Education showcases the international work of research scholars and innovative distance education practitioners, who use emerging interactive technologies for teaching and learning at a distance.
    This widely anticipated book harnesses the dispersed knowledge of international experts who highlight pedagogical, organizational, cultural, social, and economic factors that influence the adoption and integration of emerging technologies in distance education.


OBRAZOVANJE - The Theory and Practice of Online Learning PDF Ispis E-mail
Autor Milan Taradi   
The Theory and Practice of Online Learning, second edition, edited by Terry Anderson, May 2008, Paperback, 978-1-897425-08-4 (SC) (.pdf; 3 MB)
     This second edition of the Theory and Practice of Online Learning is an updated version of the highly successful 2004 first edition. Each of the chapters has been revised to reflect current theory and practice, and four new chapters have been added.
     The revised version brings together recent developments in both the practice and our understanding of online learning. Five years have since passed between this new edition and the first version. Five years is certainly a long time in this business as this second edition illustrates. The improvement in versatility and sophistication of the technologies that have been coming into common use has been so significant that a revisit of our knowledge of learning technologies and their application was becoming increasingly necessary. Anderson and the other authors of this text have responded to the need and have done the higher education community a great service by bringing it out in the electronic open access format under a Creative Commons License.
     As with the first edition, this is a collection of works by practitioners and scholars actively working in the field of distance education. The text has been written at a time when the field is undergoing fundamental change. Although not an old discipline by academic standards, distance education practice and theory has evolved through five generations in its 150 years of existence.
     Those of us from the other world are beneficiaries of this generosity and intellectual benevolence.

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