Audible time signals will be delivered even if the browser's window is covered up or minimized.
 Click on the title bar of the applet to access the menu bar.   WARNING: Clicking the "Back" button on your browser will reset all timers!


  Usage Notes:
You can access the menu bar by clicking on the black title bar in the window. The menus let you set options for time signals, get contextual help, and exit the program. After selecting an event from the main menu, additional menu items become available. The speech being timed is shown in the title bar. You can display the running prep time for both sides of a debate by selecting "Prep Times" from the "View" menu in the menu bar. Using any of the menu items will not interrupt the timer. To adjust the time limit for the current speech, reset the timer and use the + and - buttons in the upper-right of the window.

Visual time cues are the number of minutes remaining on a green background. When less than 1 minute remains, the cues are the number of seconds remaining on a yellow background. Zero on a red background means time's up. The time cue popup can be dismissed by clicking on it.

Audiovisual cues are available for all debates, extemporaneous, and impromptu (including prep times), but not for prepared-speech IE events. There are 3 options for audible time cues: voice, tone, and none. There are no visual cues for prep times, only one of these three audio options.
Audio cues are still played even when the Timekeeper window is minimized or another window or application is on top.

 Visual countdown cues are big black digits on a colored background.
 The background colors have the following meanings:

 Green    = Number of minutes remaining  (Broj preostalih minuta)
 Yellow  = Number of seconds remaining  (Broj preostalih sekunda)
 Red       = Time's up!                               (Vrijeme je isteklo!)

  Najjednostavnija uporaba je:
Kliknite na Individual Events - Impromptu
Zatim (samo prvi put) MENU- Time Signal - izaberite Audio Time Signal: Voice ... kliknite Test ... OK
Samo ako želite bezvučno upozorenje slikom kliknite na Prep Time
Klikajući na + ili - podesite vrijeme - kliknite na Start
Speech and Debate Timekeeper Home   MANUAL  (Detaljne upute) .pdf (0,2 MB)